Monday, August 3, 2015

BAM Camp- Firefighter

This was my last week of physics! Next week is VBS. Then just 2 more weeks until BAM Camp is over and school begins. This week is firefighter week.

Bo's box had blue rice for the base. I used boxes wrapped in duct tape to make the buildings. I found the firefighter stuff at Hobby Lobby.

It got the stamp of approval.

Amelia's was just blue water, ice, cups, and a funnel.

It was also approved.

We made fire blocks for Bo's box on Monday. The blocks came from Hobby Lobby. I used foam sheets and my Cricut to make the flames.

Tuesday we made banana ice cream. The children cut the bananas into slices. We froze them. After lunch we put them in the blender until they were smooth.

Then we headed outside to do boxes.

Wednesday all we did was boxes because I had a long day at school.

Thursday I had no class. The kids did their bags.

We used forks to paint fires.

And to finish up we did boxes.

Bo's Spanish Words:
Bombero- firefighter
Sombrero- hat
Casco- helmet
Traje- suit

Here's our video

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