Monday, August 10, 2015

BAM Camp-Ninjas

Ninja week was a hit (sorry I couldn't resist).

Bo had ninja filled slime. 

I found the recipe on the internet.

Amelia had dirt and scoops.

Monday we painted. Amelia did sponge painting.

Bo made a ninja turtle shell. It's a turkey pan from the dollar store with ribbon and elastic.

It was also VBS week. Bo was my little helper.

Tuesday we did our boxes again.

He also played with his bag. He had army men and America won the war hence the fist pump.

Again we went to VBS. I was the director so we were there a lot.

Wednesday was crazy hat night.

This sombrero was the best 50 cents I ever spent.

Thursday we made ninja starts. I found the tutorial online.

We had balloons as targets.

Here's our video.

Bo's Spanish Words:
Kick- patear

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