Thursday, August 13, 2015

BAM Camp- Olympics

This is the next to last week of BAM Camp. :(
It was olympics week. Bo's box was rice, laminated olympians, gold medals from the Dollar Tree, and pipe cleaner olympic rings.

Amelia had shaving cream.

Monday I made a balance board. I used 2 inch PVC pipe and a board I found in the basement. I covered the board in duct tape. I cut pool noodles to fit the ends so the landing didn't hurt people or floors.

Tuesday we went to the park and worked out on the exercise equipment.

The leg machines were very popular.

We did boxes again too.

Wednesday we just hung out, but Thursday morning started off with our bags.

Then our boxes.

Finally we made some gold medals. We made salt dough then used cookie cutters to make the medals. I baked them and left them out over the weekend. Monday morning we painted them gold.

Bo's Spanish Words:
Atleta- athlete
Ganar- to win
Oro- gold
Primero- first
Plata- silver

Here's our video too! One more week and it's back to school for Morgy.

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