Monday, August 17, 2015

BAM Camp-School

BAM Camp school week was probably the most fun I've ever had particularly the last day. 

Monday we painted our olympic medals from last week.

Amelia made a maraca. She put bead in a plastic bottle and colored a toilet paper tube. I taped it together and voila a maraca. 

Bo and I made a bus. He painted and I glued and cut. Paint 3 fat and 5 regular popsicle sticks. Cut an inch off of 4 of the regular ones. Glue them evenly spaced on the full one. Glue the fat ones on the bottom. I like the one on top of the others, but it's up to you. I cut out black paper wheels and his pictures and glued/taped them on. I put 2 button magnets on the back. I thought it was too cute.
Bo's box was shredded paper, magnetic letters, a Lincoln Log school, a Lego bus and clothes pin students and a teacher.

It was a hit, even though I had doubt going in.

Amelia's box was water beads, scoops, and bowls. I kept a close eye on her, but she never actually put any in her mouth despite my assumption.

So grown up.

Tuesday they had family in town, but Wednesday we played with the boxes again.

We also made cake batter dip. Take a pack of Funfetti cake mix, 1 1/2 Cups of vanilla yogurt, and 2 Cups of whipped cream and mix. It's good with animal crackers, graham crackers, or fruit.

Thursday we went all out. Bo had earned beads all summer for doing various things. He got orange for doing his journal page. It was a worksheet with his Spanish words on it. It was matching, coloring, tracing or just like a dictionary with pictures. He got blue for eating without a fight. He got yellow for FOB without a fight. He's "too big" for naps so he had to lay Flat On Bed for 30 minutes. If he was still up I would let him get up and play. He got green for cleaning his room. He got red for knowing his 5 Spanish words. He got black for good behavior. Each Thursday I awarded the beads. He had to have 5 of a color to get the associated reward. He did for everything except orange.
Red was for spray painted hair.

Green was ice cream/popsicles for breakfast.

Blue was shaving cream on the trampoline.
Yellow was a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick out any toy they wanted.

Black was a water balloon fight.

We had a food fight too.

Then we went swimming. That's Amelia going off the diving board!

Pool selfie

Bo's selfie

Here's our video.

Bo's Spanish Words:
Escuela- School
Maestra- Teacher
Estudiante- Student
Tarea- Homework
Mochila- Backpack

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