Sunday, May 18, 2014

3-2-1 Blast Off

This was the first week that I got to watch Bo and Amelia! Each week Bo will have a small world play box, while Amelia gets a simple sensory box. Bo will also have a lapbook with the same theme as his box. It will have little games and activities to help him with writing, reading, and our Spanish lesson. Each week we will have some simple Spanish vocab we talk about and play games with. On Mondays Bo and I will do a craft. Tuesdays we will make a tasty treat. Every other Wednesday we will go somewhere and on the others we will do an activity. To fill our time I have made busy bags and file folder games. I will make separate posts for them.

 This was Bo's Space box. The base is aquarium rocks. I added a space Toob and some glow in the dark planets from the Dollar Tree.

 He didn't play as much as he asked questions about space things.

Amelia got a rice box. The trick was keeping the rice controlled.

Monday morning we went to the park. Both kids enjoyed themselves, obviously.

Later that afternoon it rained. Sissy just stood and jumped the puddle.

Bo ran a race, while I timed him.

Then I took the freezing cold little boogers inside.

This was Bo's activity of the day. I found 2 teeny tiny clay pots that he painted blue and I glued together. I cut our some teeth, a tail, and a fin from foam. He helped glue everything on to make this terrifying little shark.

Tuesday Bo had school and then went to have some special time with his grandma, so Sissy and I had some girl time. She played with her box for the longest time. (I figured out how to control the rice : D)

She particularly like scooping it into the pool and rolling in it.

On Wednesday Bo and I made Rainbow Foam with Sis had a snack. We put 2T of dish soap,  1/4 C of water and food coloring into the mixer and put it on high. We did a batch for each color. Bo really liked to watch it grow.

 Waiting on some toys to come plow through the foam mountains.

 There they are!

 Since we didn't get to do our Tuesday activity we did it on Wednesday while Amelia took a nap. We used candy melts and sprinkles to make these ever so tasty candy spoons.

 This is the lapbook of the week.

Here is the inside. I found all of these things online, printed them off, and laminated them. 

 This is the shadow match.

He circled the beginning sound with a dry erase marker. There are four more words on the back. I laminated them together to save laminator sheets.

I modified these slightly. I typed the English and Spanish colors on them, since this weeks Spanish was all about colors. These are also double sided.

Some double sided space words to read and write.

This was just practicing fine motor control to get prepared to write.

The one thing I don't have a picture of is our Spanish game. I laminated colored sheets of paper. I scattered them out in the floor. I went through the colors as I laid them down. I then called out a color and he would run and jump on the correct paper. After a minute we switched rolls, so that he had a chance to say the colors too. He really like this game and we played for about 10 minutes on Monday. On the other days we used the rockets in the lapbook.

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