Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dive On In

This Monday's craft was a butterfly. I got the bingo daubers from the Dollar Tree and they were well worth it.

"I am a beautiful beautiful butterfly."

While Sis took a nap we went outside to burn off some energy.

Last week Bo requested an ocean box, so here it is. We played with both boxes for a long time on Tuesday.

He later requested boats and more sea creatures.

Sissy had finger paint. I used a recipe I found on Pinterest that was edible.

 Bo and I made Oreo balls while Amelia napped on Tuesday. You basically put a package of Oreos in the blender. Take a few out and put in a bowl. Put a package of cream cheese in the blender and mix everything up. Roll it into balls and roll the balls in the Oreo crumbs set aside in the bowl. Refrigerate and devour. 

 We played with them on Tuesday and Wednesday because both kids slept all afternoon on Monday.

 Wednesday I gave Amelia different colors.

They were fun too.

While I got some lunch ready I let Sis play with some sensory bags, bottles, and balloons.  
I will do a post about them later.

Wednesday we spend the day at Wildcat Park. We visited the Audubon Center and talked about lots of animals native to this area. Then we hit the trail. I made little backpack for Bo to carry. I found binoculars, a magnifying glass, a fan, and a water bottle with a snack compartment for him. We got back to the car in time to go to the spring. We all waded in the freezing cold water. We spent a good two and a half hours at the park. After Amelia's swim lesson both kids fell asleep in the car. Bo asked if we could do it again...on Monday.

The lapbook was an ocean theme to match the sensory box.

I helped him with this, but you match the word with the picture.

This is another set of beginning sounds.

He sorted these animals into the land and ocean rectangles on the center section of the lapbook.

 There were some ocean words to trace.

 Here was our little counting book.

 We read the numbers in Spanish, since that was our Spanish lesson this week.

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