Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy 4th!!!

We were making shirts and since last time we made them the older boys didn't seem interested I didn't get them shirts.

 But Jacob came in with a white t-shirt and made this.

 This was mine. I had a line across, but somebody told me I needed more fireworks.

This is Bo's. To make them I folded 3 pipe cleaners together and twisted. Then I spread the legs out. I made one for each color.

Bo had a construction  box.

He repeatedly said that it was the best box that he EVER had.

Sissy had green jello.

Ultimately she liked playing in the water more. I thought the sprinkler was a fun idea since she loves to play in the hose.

On Tuesday we made some Oreo Rice Krist 

Wednesday we made marshmallow dough, but I didn't get any picture because I was feeding Sis. I'm not going to bother with a recipe because ours was a bust.

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