Monday, July 21, 2014

Walking in the Woods...Like the Wild Kratts

Bo's box was a desert.

The base was sand.

 I added in a desert Toob and made cacti from pipe cleaners.

Sissy had colored ice and water.

She liked to eat it.

 We also made some trail mix to take on our walk.

On Wednesday we went walking at Isaac Walton. The first thing Bo said was, "We're like the Wild Kratts!"

 This were the best pictures I could get.

 Then we had a picnic. Love the baby photo bomb.

Another sister photo bomb.

Then I let them go exploring.

Sissy played in the dirt.

Bo collected rocks in his bug catcher.

When we got home we did the boxes.

I went over for a few hours on Thursday.

Bo made some new swirly crayons.


Then both kids did their boxes the last time.

Bo also did some playdough mats.

He decided to go on a rock hunt one day too.

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