Monday, July 21, 2014


This week I watched the kids all 5 days.

Bo had a dino box.

 It had beans, easter grass, and shredded paper.

 The dinos and fossils were Toobs and the cave was an aquarium.

 Bo loved his.

 Sis had flour.

 Gus ate the flour Amelia dropped.

 Tuesday we headed to the park to enjoy the polar vortex.

 Amelia once again enjoyed her box.

We also made ice cream in a bag, but it didn't last long.

 Wednesday was more of the same.

She liked the sand.

 After the boxes we went and played in the big dirt pile in the backyard.

And wrestled on the trampoline.

Bo sang to us.


 "Why do I need a bath?"

 Bo and I made a bouncy ball. It was more like bouncy slime, but he had fun.

Thursday morning it was just me and Bo because Sis had to go to the doctor.

Later we did his box.

Then we did squirt gun painting.

 It was process art. The final result was wet,  brown paper.

 But it was fun.

 Friday we went to a new park.

Then we came home and did the boxes again.

This was our lapbook.

The letters were laminated so he could trace them.

 The book had a dino for every letter.

A puzzle

Color matching

Heads and tail.

It was a long week, but we had fun.

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