Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farmer Boy Week 1

We started Farmer Boy this week! I will get a big post up with all of our stuff from Little House in the Big Woods.

Sissy has a space box. The base is black beans. I soaked them in alcohol to keep bugs out of them. So far, it has worked well. I added a space Toob and some glow in the dark things from the dollar store.

Bo has a cave box. The base is dirt. I made a cave from a shoe box and added a cave dwellers Toob.

Tuesday we did bags and boxes.

After swimming and reading, Bo and I made him some moccasins like Almanzo had. I was using scrap pieces and had no pattern, so please ignore their hideousness and the fact they don't match. Bo loved them and said they were super comfy. I bought a leather scraps bag at Hobby Lobby. I already had leather cord and a leather punch. I just wrapped the leather around his foot and went from there.

Wednesday we did bags and boxes again.

After swimming and reading a chapter we talked about a wash basin. Almanzo had to clean up after working in the barn. It was decided that sinks and plumbing were fantastic inventions.

Thursday we did bags and boxes of course.

After some pool time and reading, we made button strings or buzzsaws. To make one simply put some string through a button (2 opposite holes) and tie off. Holding both ends spin it to twist the string. Once it is really twisted, pull the ends out and in. Keep going and it will make a noise like a buzzsaw.

That is it for this week. Between school and VBS, the kids and I were exhausted all week. 

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