Friday, June 10, 2016

Little House in the Big Woods Week 4

This week I started school. I now only have the kids 3 days a week and a 2 hour chunk of those days are spent in class. Field trips will be fewer until school lets out.

This week Bo had an Egyptian box. The base is sand and the characters are from the Egypt Toob.

Amelia's was a pond box. The base is water and water beads. The animals came from the River Toob and the lilly pads are cut from green craft foam. They will switch boxes next week.

Tuesday we did boxes and bags. We talked about square dancing and tracking animals, but didn't do anything with that.

Wednesday they once again did boxes, but we went swimming instead of doing bags.

I set up a "store."  "Pa" had skinned a rabbit and earned ten cents from the fur.  ;)  He had to decide what to buy and figure out how much money he owed the "shop keeper." I was very impressed with his abilities here.

Thursday we did bags and boxes. Somebody put sunscreen on the kids, but forgot to do herself and was a bit crispy and didn't want to go swimming.

After Amelia went to sleep we watched a video on honey making. Bo filled out his notebook page and I gave him this page I found on bees to add in there too.

This was the completed page for this week. Up top is a drone bee and some honey. Down below is the difference in deer tracks and human tracks and a buck.

We also made popsicles, but they weren't solid when I left so they ate them with Mom later. Somebody really enjoyed hers.

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