Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Little House in the Big Woods Week 5

We finished Little House in the Big Woods this week! 

Monday they did bags and boxes. They just traded boxes this week. 

After we went swimming we read the chapter about Pa helping Uncle Henry with the oats and the cousins playing stump jump. I started drawing circles on the ground and Bo yells, "We're playing stump jump!" He's beginning to figure out that I am in fact crazy.

Tuesday we once again did bags and boxes before I went to school.

After I got home we went swimming and read our chapter. We talked about Charlie walking on the fence rail. We weren't about to do that so we did a balance beam closer to the ground instead.

In our chapter it talked about the kinds of nuts the girls gathered. Bo and I did a nut tasting. He had cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, and pecans. He liked them all, which surprised me.

Wednesday we did bags, boxes, and went outside for a bit before school.

Once Amelia laid down Bo and I made a survival kit for him. I explained what each item could be used for and asked him what he thought. It all went into the Altoids tin. Not pictured is a card with his name, address, and phone numbers for Mom, Dad, Mia (grandma), and me. Here is the explanation I gave or he offered for each item.
Pencil- mark how many days have gone by, what you last remember seeing
Pencil sharpener- sharpen the pencil, put a small stick in there to make little pieces to start a fire
3 sizes of safety pins- fishing hook, tore your pants
Paper clips- wire, fishing hooks
Bandaid- booboos
Compass- hopefully help you get back
Candle- light, start a fire
String- tie stuff up, fishing
Balloons- hold water, send up a note, inflate and tie to string and safety pin so it acts like a bobber
Magnifying glass- remove splinter, look at bugs, make a fire

His page this week isn't complete because we didn't get through all the chapters I thought we would. It has something for the first day of Farmer Boy, which we will start next week.

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