Friday, June 3, 2016

Little House in the Big Woods Week 3

Though only 3 days, we had another mighty fine week!
Tuesday we went to Wildcat. Right off we found a turtle!

They did bags and boxes when they got home.

We made a paper quilt together. We colored the squares and glued them onto brown paper.

Wednesday we "milked a cow." It was decided that we are glad we don't have to do this to get milk every morning. To make this simply poke holes in the finger tips of latex gloves with a needle. Fill it with water and tie it to the back of a chair. Sissy really liked it.

Then they did bags, while I...

MADE COOKIES! They were simple butter cookies like Ma might have made. I found the recipe on Pinterest. They were delicious.

Bo worked on his page in his folder.

Then we went outside and made a punched tin lantern. To make this freeze water in an empty tin can. Then using a hammer and a nail punch holes in the tin. The ice keeps it from denting. Let the ice melt and you have a little lantern.

Side note: The ice is fun to hit with a hammer once it melts enough you can get it out of the can.

Thursday we did bags and boxes.

Bo and I dipped candles, while Amelia napped. To make this, melt candle wax in a jar. I used a mason jar in a pot of boiling water. Cut a length of wick and dip it in the wax. Let it drip for a minute and then dip it not another mason jar of cold water. Repeat until the candle is a good width. It is cool enough that you can touch it once it has been dipped in the water. This allows you to form it into shapes. I found the supplies at Hobby Lobby.

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